Monday, November 1, 2010

MEDITATIONS: Sanctuaries in Time

In a world saturated with negative imagery, fear, and uncertainty, I aim to create transcendent imagery, providing an opportunity to contemplate a physical moment/space in time with time eternal.

(Namesake, 2010)                                                                             (Peruvian Origins and Inca Kola, 2010) 

Creative work is a prayer, a meditation on the eternal where the creative act serves as both filter and change agent.  Connected to something larger than ourselves, mysterious and eternal, the ordinary becomes sacred and, in A.J. Heschel’s words,  “beyond the confines of measured time”. 

 In Peruvian Origins and Inca Kola, the modern world and ancient sit side by side. In Namesake, time and memory are suggested to be set both inside time and beyond it.

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