Monday, January 17, 2011

MEDITATIONS: Imaginination and Invention

“I imagine, therefore I am…..”
Rene Descartes

Imagination is both the filter and the vehicle through which I understand, transform, and embody the physical world..... A walk in the woods becomes a symphony; a mountain, the fabric of a great tapestry; and a road trip to the wedding of a widowed parent a meditation on renewed life in the face of loss.


Friday, January 14, 2011


Integrating old and new images produces new iconography linking past and present, creating opportunities to think about things in new ways and create new narratives.

Check out the new Iconography section in Imaginings on the Arts for the People website:

OASIS: Creating Space

Arts for the People's future workshop space has been completed and awaits spring for classes to begin.  Thanks to Nancy Kosiorek for christening the space with her gift of salt from the Himalayas and for naming the space the Oasis.  And gratitude to artist/painter Lindsay Pallermo for nailing the vision and color scheme.  Collaborating on a mural design that would echo the natural landscape of Bramble Hill Farm , we credit Wolf Kahn's pastel drawings for inspiration and their suggestive rather than explicit treatment of the subject matter for inspiration.


Invited to invent a place setting for Judy Orlando's upcoming show at the Archetype Gallery in Atlanta, I chose to invite Ares, known, among other things, as the Greek god and archetypal force of war, destruction, “manliness”, and courage”.

Its been over thirty years since Judy Chicago’s installation first hit the scene and although there remains much work to do (women’s rights has been declared THE ISSUE of the new millennium), it’s time to include Ares at the supper table with an invitation to participate in the process of co-creating a new paradigm of persona, one with a wider range and complexity of attribute. Aggression transformed and re-directed creatively towards the greater good, results in  psychological and spiritual integration and wholeness. It is a model of abundance that promotes cooperation and inclusion rather than fear and scarcity.

Its time for Ares summon tribal leaders to BYOF (Bring your Own <white> Flag), create a more inclusionary model, embrace the Divine Feminine, and harness destructive impulses.

The placemat is a two-dimensional digital composite, the plate and spatula a three dimensional mixed media construction designed to suggest relics that need to be ingested, digested, and transformed.